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Please select "A" for right hand model.

Please select "B" for left hand model.


Carry Platform: Belt Clip
Model Number: Pistol Holsters
Material: nylon
Color: Black
Size: As shown
Left and right hand options: Both Right and Left hands
Suitable: All size Pistol
Gun type 1: Glock(36, 39, 43X MOS)
Gun type 2: Ruger EC9s holster and LC9s
Gun type 3: Taurus(G2c, G2s, G3), S&W M&P 9 Sheild EZ
Gun type 4: Walther(PPK/s, PPS, PPQ 22), Springfield(XD-9, XD-40)
Gun type 5: Sig Sauer(P938, P238), Beratta(21A, BU9), SCCY(CPX-1, 2)

Tactical Gun Holster With Bullet Clip Pouches Concealed Carry

SKU: 3256803294064596
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